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Innoflight International's use of Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) in their UAV engines marks a significant advancement over traditional carburetted engines. EFI engines consume significantly less fuel, provide increased performance, and ensure reliability. This technology calculates the perfect fuel-to-air mapping, automatically adjusting for all altitudes, as well as operations in cold climates which is crucial for military applications. EFI engines demonstrate a marked improvement in fuel economy, offering up to 65% better fuel efficiency compared to carburetted engines.


Innoflight’s INF inject EFI-powered engines consume a significantly lower amount of fuel compared conventional carburetor-based engines


Reduced operating costs, extended flight times, and a lighter environmental footprint. 


Customers have the flexibility to choose from optional integrations like alternators, starter-alternators, and generator systems.


The Innoflight INF inject EFI system seamlessly integrates with flight control systems via Serial TTL, PWM or S.Bus.


World Leading Manufacturers

INF Inject has established partnerships with leading UAV small engine manufacturers Desert Aircraft (2-Stroke, USA) and Saito (4-Stroke, Japan). This collaboration brings together INF Inject's expertise in fuel injection systems with Desert Aircraft and Saito's renowned small engine manufacturing capabilities. The partnership aims to innovate and enhance the performance and efficiency of UAV engines, leveraging the strengths and technical know-how of each company. This alliance marks a significant step in advancing UAV engine technology to the commercial and defence industry.

Complete solutions

Each engine undergoes rigorous testing and calibration to ensure seamless compatibility with the INF inject EFI system. Delivered as a complete solution, customers have the flexibility to choose from optional integrations like alternators, starter-alternators, and generator systems, further tailoring their engines to specific vehicle requirements. 

Custom EFI integration

Using InnoFlight’s latest INF inject Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) technology across our full range of UAV engines and generators we provide our customers with extremely reliable engine solutions for commercial and DoD applications. Each engine integration is fully tested and calibrated to the EFI and provided to our customers as a turn-key solution, optional Alternator, Starter-Alternators and Generator integrations are available. Using high quality ETFE wiring as well as positive locking connectors ensures exceptional reliability. The INF EFI integration to flight control systems allows engine/alternator control as well as full engine/system telemetry data.

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