INF Inject stands at the forefront of innovation as a premier producer and pioneer in high-reliability fuel injection engines tailored for drones and UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles).

Best in Class

INF Inject has forged strategic partnerships with premier UAV small engine manufacturers Desert Aircraft (2-Stroke, USA) and Saito (4-Stroke, Japan). This collaboration combines INF Inject’s proficiency in fuel injection systems with the esteemed small engine manufacturing capabilities of Desert Aircraft and Saito. Together, the goal is to pioneer advancements that boost the performance and efficiency of UAV engines, capitalizing on the unique strengths and technical expertise of each entity. This alliance signifies a noteworthy progression in elevating UAV engine technology for both commercial and defense sectors.

Complete Solutions

Every engine undergoes meticulous testing and calibration to guarantee flawless compatibility with the INF Inject EFI system. Provided as a comprehensive solution, customers enjoy the flexibility to select optional integrations such as alternators, starter-alternators, and generator systems, allowing for further customization of their engines to meet specific vehicle demands.

Custom EFI integration

Leveraging InnoFlight’s cutting-edge INF inject Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) technology across our complete line of UAV engines and generators, we furnish our customers with exceedingly dependable engine solutions for both commercial and DoD applications. Each engine integration undergoes comprehensive testing and calibration to the EFI, presenting our customers with a ready-to-use solution. Optional integrations such as Alternator, Starter-Alternators, and Generator are available to meet diverse needs. Employing high-quality ETFE wiring alongside secure locking connectors ensures outstanding reliability. The integration of INF EFI with flight control systems facilitates engine and alternator control, along with the transmission of comprehensive engine/system telemetry data.

Full Ardupilot Support

INFinject can support the full integration into your ArduPilot setup. Status information on RPM, Fuel flow, consumption, temperature, etc are all reported on.

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Innoflight International, founded in 2019 and headquartered in Brisbane, Australia, stands at the forefront of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) development and manufacturing. Specializing in EFI engines and solutions tailored for commercial and Department of Defence (DoD) applications, Innoflight International excels in every aspect, from autopilot and ground control integration to software and propulsion systems. Our dedicated team of skilled engineers, pilots, and designers is committed to crafting the most dependable and efficient UAV EFI systems globally.

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