About Innoflight International

Innoflight International, established in 2019 in Brisbane, Australia, is a leader in the development and manufacturing of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) for both commercial and Department of Defence (DoD) applications. Their expertise extends to designing and controlling all phases from autopilot and ground control systems to software and propulsion systems, making us a pioneer in uncrewed aerial systems.

Key Products for Military Applications

Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Systems:

Innoflight International’s EFI technology, integrated into our UAV engines, offers improved fuel economy and performance. This technology is crucial for military UAVs, ensuring reliability and efficiency in demanding conditions.

Generator/Alternator Starter Systems:

When integrated with the engine system, allows for recharging of battery systems and remote starting of the engine.

UAS and Heavy Lift Platforms:

Designed for endurance, modularity and heavy lifting, these platforms are suitable for a variety of military applications, including surveillance and logistics. iHE7 Hybrid-Electric Generator: This innovative generator, developed in collaboration with Desert Aircraft, powers the Innoflight International’s heavy lift UAS platform, the ScanLift range, providing extended flight times and long-range capabilities ideal for military use in surveillance, mapping, and communications.

Future Developments:

Heavy fuel EFI engines, designed for scenarios where flammable fuels pose a risk, are presently in the advanced stages of development. Additionally, Innoflight International has established a partnership with an Australasian Company that has a team of top aerospace engineers. This collaboration focuses on the development of a series of winged RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) that aim to redefine the limits of performance, versatility, robustness, and range providing a turn-key solution. Potential use cases for the RPAS, developed in partnership with

Innoflight International and leading aerospace engineers, include functioning as target drones and performing long-range reconnaissance missions. Their capability for delivery will equip tactical land forces with an organic airborne Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) capability, enhancing operational effectiveness in various scenarios.

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