The right engine for your UAV

Thousands of hours of Research and Development have lead to the leading small engine EFI system in the world.

Innoflights latest INF inject Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) technology is now available to purchase to integrate into your UAV project.

We provide our customers with extremely reliable engine solutions for commercial and DoD applications. Each engine integration is fully tested and calibrated to the EFI and provided to our customers as a turn-key solution, optional Alternator, Starter-Alternators and Generator integrations are available.


Our ECU is designed to be compliant with the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), complying with regulations and standards crucial for defense-related applications. Although our ECU aligns with NDAA guidelines, it hasn't undergone the process to receive official certification as of 2023. Carefully selecting NDAA compliant components in the development of the ECU we anticipate getting the PCB certified in Q3 of 2024.

CAD design

Our team uses the latest in Computer Aided Design Technology (CAD) software to design, simulate and develop our innovative injection technology. Paired with our design processes we use additive manufacturing to produce many prototype components as well as commercially viable production components. This enables us to adapt rapidly to any iterations or custom requested integrations. While additive manufacturing is a key part of our INF Inject Engines we also use many CNC components where necessary.

Advanced electronic ignition

INF Inject in collaboration with Desert Aircraft Australia has developed specialized advanced Capacitor Discharge Ignition (CDI) systems for the full range of engines offered. With both companies based in Brisbane, Australia we have been able to develop the ignitions for each engine to extract peak performance and reliability. Using Desert Aircrafts 25+ year history in building ignition systems for hobby, commercial and defense applications we have been able to tune our ECU and ignition mapping to work together in perfect harmony for smooth and efficient engine operation. 

Elevation Compensation

Our state-of-the-art INF Inject Elevation Compensation technology is engineered to fine-tune your engine's fuel mixture with precision, utilizing advanced air density and barometric pressure sensors. As you navigate through varying elevations, our system seamlessly adjusts the fuel mixture to become richer or leaner, optimizing engine efficiency and power. This intelligent adaptation ensures your vehicle performs at its best, regardless of the altitude or environmental conditions

In-House engine calibration 

INF emphasizes precision and quality in our engine production by testing every engine in-house. We utilize the latest in tuning sensors to meticulously calibrate fuel mapping and other parameters for each engine in our controlled environment engine testing cell. This process ensures optimal performance and efficiency. By integrating advanced sensor technology into our testing and calibration procedures, we are able to ensure that every engine meets our specifications before being delivered to the end customer. Completing the detailed in house testing and calibration process also breaks-in the engine and verifies that there are no manufacturing anomalies.

Engine temperature protection

INF Inject will monitor the cylinder head temperatures, if they begin to overheat outside the permitted range the EFI will start a fuel rich injection process to utilize fuel as engine coolant. Once the temperatures decrease so will the fuel rich injection until the engine performance is back in range. This can save the engine from permanent damage or in flight failure.

Custom Integration is our specialty

Custom integration

With our long history and knowledge in UAV platform and avionics manufacturing, INF is to integrate our ECU to communicate with many Flight Control Systems (FCS). Already available is the integration to our own Jupiter autopilot as well as the popular open source Ardupilot based autopilots. The ECU communicates via serial/TTL 9600 and is very easy to integrate with other FCS systems on the market. 

Why INFinject?

For UAV and Defence applications INF Inject EFI is far superior to traditional carbureted engines.

Innoflight International has leapt forward in fuel efficiency and reliability with the integration of its advanced Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) system across its entire UAV engine and generator range. 

This establishes Innoflight as a frontrunner in the aerospace industry, delivering unparalleled performance for both commercial and DoD applications.

Innoflight’s INF inject EFI-powered engines consume a significantly lower amount of fuel compared conventional carburetor-based engines, translating to reduced operating costs, extended flight times, and a lighter environmental footprint. 

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